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We specialize in developing cost-effective strategies for the Internet of Things.
- A 7 Trillion Dollar Market.
- For 50 Billion Connected Devices by 2020.
- To Completely Revolutionize the Way You Manage Your Remote Assets.

Connect Your Remote Business

Connect Your Remote Business

Deploying assets in the field and monitoring them remotely is a costly proposition. Spingine's remote asset management solutions will assist in significantly driving your cost down.

Deploy an App with Confidence

Deploy an App with Confidence

Mobile apps offer a lot of advantages over web-based or desktop applications. But mobile apps need data plans to work. With Spingine's light-weight messaging service, you can confidently deploy an app without the undue worries of bill-shock.

Realize Your Game-Changing Ideas

Realize Your Game-Changing Ideas

Because of competition you will be pressured to innovate. But what if your next game-changing idea can not be bought off-the-shelf? Spingine can help you design and build your own "internet-of-things". Whether it is hardware or software ideas to improve your control over field assets, we have the engineers and software developers to take you to the next level of your business.

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Solutions for the Internet-of-Things



ClicTraQ is our "one-click-track-all" console for remote asset monitoring


WorQ Agent

WorQ Agent is a mobile app that tracks the activities of your field personnel.



Identipod is a device for access and identity management.



AwayRE is a notification service for real-time events while you are away.

A Clear Sight of the Future Now...

With our IOT experience, we'll give you a headstart over your competitors.

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