for Mobile Connections

Our goal is to improve the way we connect people and products in urban communities by influencing consumer experience through meaningful mobile engagements.


Connections that Mobilize Markets

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Convenience at the Speed of Choice

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Commitment to Customer-Service

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Convergence to Complete

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  • Valuable Data

    The stateful and meaningful
    data we provide will boost
    decision-making based
    on realiable facts.

  • Superior Security

    We employ authentication and
    encryption methods to secure
    the most valuable data we
    have gathered for you.

  • Firsthand Support

    We provide firsthand product
    expertise and technical support
    made available online and offline
    through friendly customer service.

  • Future-proof Infrastructure

    All our solutions are designed with
    the long term in mind. That way,
    you are always ready to move
    forward to the future.


    Connecting Commercial Transport

    Discover Fleetcat

    The Intelligence to Move Forward

    Finally, a fleet management platform that can go the extra mile. FleetCat offers the ability to move people and products to places
    more efficiently and economically using the combined superiority of augmented intelligence and IOT.


    The Presence of Choices

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    Matching You with Better Choices

    StorePoint is the worlds first on-demand, mobile e-commerce platform that actively matches consumer needs with the closest available retail stocks.
    Retailers can dynamically publish the status of a product-of-interest or of an on-going deal to consumers who are within a 30-minute walking distance.


    Service in Motion

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    Delivering Smarter Field Services

    WorqWise is the most intuitive and complete remote workforce productivity manager. Ever.
    Mobilize your field personnel without breaking a sweat. And, more importantly, get results without skipping a beat.


    Technology to Do Things


    Machines that Make things Better

    Telioz IOT connects things and apps in one seamless human-machine experience.
    Not just to network devices but to to make life generally better.