Our Mission is to Build a Smarter Connected World.

We have a Great Team.

We are a team of passionate people that want to make a big difference through our technology. We are invested heavily in making sure the information we give you is helpful as it is secure.

We're Changing the World.

Spingine is an Innovation company that is inspired by the internet-of-things. Human progress has always been pushed by the bold. Those who seek out new ideas. Our world is changing fast and we strive to be in the forefront of innovation. We want to inspire and fundamentally shift the world with our ideas and help spark a more intelligent, a more enjoyable way of living through our technological creations.

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Empowering you with Significant Information

Think back to the last time you had complete information about something. Anything.
Be it a pamphlet about a workshop, a datasheet about a product or the menu at your favorite restaurant. You had complete confidence about your decision making because you had all the information at the palm of your hands. We believe that is how you should make decisions in life and in business: Calm, Collected and Profoundly Informed.

At Spingine, we make sense of the clutter, we make easy work of the chaos and we present your valuable data immaculately so you know what is working, and what is not, in real time.

Our Fomula is Simple

(More Useful Information + Less Bandwidth) x World Class Customer Service = Better Life for You

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